So many months (?!) without a single post...
Some news then:
  • The green sweater doesn't exist. Wool was in terrible shape. I was re-doing one sleeve, because reused skein was thinner then new. I also haven't got enough wool and it VERY HARD to find something similar. I didn't finished border, but blocked sweater and decided not to wear it...cóż...
  • I've broke the curse: finished a top from yellow cotton-viscose tape, pattern: drops. Since I've tried it on I didn't wear it any single hour.
  • Decided not to do any Giant scarf, cause the pattern is too huge!
  • I've got the mood for natural colors, ecri, white
  • I was knitting all the summer, sadly did not finish many items
  • It's better to knit then spend hours on the ravelry...That's my latest motto!
I'm working on some prijects, hoping to finish them till my master studies begin, so wish me luck!

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