Last evening I went with my friends to the cinema. I decided to wear my new top, coachella made with merinosoie. So it was a premier! But it didn't turn out very good. It fits my back very well, it looks good on my waist but I hate this too big drapey thing which sometimes shows off my bra. I have to re-do the upper front piece. Because it's a top down construction I picked up stitches from the front just above my breast and put the back stripe on the holder, and I will frog it and do the front once more but from down to the top. I think my coachella is just to wide. It's stretched more then I thought after blocking.

I bought 8hanks of wool recently. I fell in love with shawls like everyone so chose nice natural beige colour. There was a kind off surprising offer in local mall. I did a gauge for popular shawl project. I'm going to make it from my stash 100% wool yarn which is very thin.

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