Dead Giant

Do you remember the black and blue gauge? I was trying for the scarf from Knitty: Obey the giant. This scarf in the pattern is enormous so I've decided to change it a little. I've made one "face" and less stitches. The gauge was perfect but the face fragment turned out too big to wear it and it was too stiff. So I didn't make it for X-mass.

Because W. wants it veeery much I'm going to make it for his b-day. I went to the LYS yesterday and the seller had problem with finding an accurate yarn for my project. When she started looking at angora's blend I told her that I need yarn for my husband's scarf not for me. She answered: Oh, noo, he can't turn girlyish!
So I bought two tones of Regia cotton. It's very thin and I decided to make the giant on 3mm needles.

On the pick above you can see fragment of my new project: twinkle's horizon tunic from Wenlan Chia's book, Weekend knits. I've almost finished it last Sunday's night but it turned out that the neckline is too wide and the tunic doesn't cover my breasts. I have to re-do it. This is my third project with this black unlucky yarn! The first was sweater for my dog, but I didn't make just don't know why maybe because it was boring, then Obey scarf and now horizon. Wish me luck!

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