Last Saturday I went with W. to "Przetwory" with some fingerless gloves, cardigans, a crocheted bag, earnings... It is popular event I must say. There were many people who showed their handmade things, many people who came to buy it. Like year ago I have an oportunity to talk with interesting people.

Here you can see some stuff I showed there and CD cases with prints made by my husband. We had a table to arrange our things. Year after year we are wiser and this time we took lights, a stand for earnings. We should think about something better to use next year. Things we've made are important but the way of showing it is also very important.

The clue of "Przetwory" is to re-cycle and for example yellow mittens are made of re-cycled wool.

and...THE BAG which was a star! Now it belongs to a nice lady who fallen in love with its colours, polkadot lining, and a tiny tiny mirror.

It is made of famous granny squares, of cotton. It was fun making it! I was crocheting this bag mostly in my way to work last summer.

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