The beige cardigan

That's a story of cardigan which I weared once and don't know what to do with it.
I started knitting it at 19 July and finished at 1 November 2007. The pattern was from VK spring/summer 2007. Pattern was'nt so difficult but I've made some mistakes. Be careful with number of rows in the front and back because it's very easy to make them difrent. Another thing was a bad choiced size. The process of making this cardigan was too long because during that time I've changed size to bigger. I've also learned that cotton is'nt so elastic and ripping make it look bad. The nice thing about this work was that I've spend a wonderful time at Suwalszczyzna's country making it. Sitting at meadow near the lake during sunny weather.

I'm going to publish posts more often. Finally I have net in my home, so it's easier now.
What about knitting??
I'm doing some mittens for sale, very simple and very mine project. I have lots of ideas now.
What about bigger projects?
There are three waiting to be finished: close fitting navy-blue tunic made from mainly alpaca wool,
silver vest,
yellow top which I started last summer,
sweater with turtle neck based on italian design from Susanna.
Oh! Four of them!
and red mittens... That's make five...

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  1. I don't know the first thing I know about knitting but that is a nice pic. Whoever was behind the lens need to be commented.